Tickets For Children

(including infants and toddlers)

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While many of our exhibitors have requested that we restrict children of all ages, we recognize that children are a very special part of the wedding party. Children (including infants and toddlers) are welcome to attend the show, but for the reasons stated below their attendance is not encouraged.

Due to Fire Marshal restrictions, we are limited as to the number of people attending the show at any given time. All people attending the show, including children, infants and toddlers, are counted in the total attendance.

As a result, the same price is charged for tickets for everyone including children, age 6 and above, at all shows, each day.

However, we are now offering free admission for children ages 5 and under.

For the safety of our attendees, baby strollers are not permitted in the show exhibit hall. Many accidents have occurred when attendees have tripped over strollers in the aisles, risking harm to themselves and the child in the stroller. Valet Stroller Parking, at the Oregon Convention Center, is available at no charge.

Again, children (including infants and toddlers) are welcome to attend, but their attendance is not encouraged.

Thank you for your understanding.

Portland Bridal Show