7 Fun Wedding Ideas You Won’t Want to Miss Out On

In the midst of all the planning, organizing, and budgeting, it’s easy to forget that wedding should be fun! Sure, there are a lot of expectations and time pressures, but it’s going to be the biggest celebration of your life. Let’s take a look at some unique wedding ideas that will add some extra excitement to your special day.


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Leaving disposable cameras at each table.

Why have one photographer at your wedding when you can have dozens? Setting a disposable camera at each table during the reception is a fantastic and budget-friendly way to spice up your special day. Guests will love having the chance to capture candid moments throughout the night, and you’ll have a whole extra set of memories. Just don’t forget to remind guests to leave the cameras behind after the event!

Offering carnival food at the reception.

What do weddings and carnivals have in common? Nothing! At least, not yet. But there’s a growing trend of couples offering carnival-inspired food at the reception. There’s nothing tastier than gourmet mini-corndogs, cinnamon-and-sugar-topped soft pretzels, fluffy cotton candy, and a smorgasbord of popcorn flavors. The possibilities are endless, and the key is to find a talented caterer who can pull it off.

Switching into running shoes after the ceremony.

At times, weddings can feel like a marathon as you hustle from one place to another. So why not wear proper shoes for the occasion? Take advantage of that stunning gown’s train and throw on a pair of comfortable running shoes after the ceremony. Nobody is going to notice the switch, but you’ll definitely notice the pains and aches as the night goes on. Make sure to keep your formal footwear nearby just in case you need them for photos.

Involving your furry friend in the wedding.

Everyone’s familiar with a best man in the wedding party, but what about man’s best friend? If you have a special connection with your furry friend, including them on your special day can make the event that much more meaningful. Your pooch could become the ring bearer, the friendliest greeter, an escort for a human member of the party, or a perfect photo companion. Throw in a bow-tie collar to complete the look!

Hosting casino-style games.

Everybody enjoys the thrill of gambling. It’s a rush! Tap into this excitement by hosting casino-style games at your reception, minus the gambling of course! Guests will love playing Black Jack, Texas Hold ‘Em, Roulette, and other most popular Las Vegas games. Kids can even join in too!

Taking song requests.

Everyone loves hearing their favorite song at the wedding, especially when it’s by request. A great way to encourage participation is to set song-request cards at each seat. Place a collection bowl near the DJ where people can place their suggestions. Whenever your DJ feels like playing a requested song, there are endless options within arm’s reach. You could even have the recommender’s name announced before the song too!

Setting up a bouncy house at your reception.

Make your reception a hit among the youngsters with a bouncy house. You’ll successfully keep the kids entertained while the adults are staying engaged at the bar. As you get later into the night, you’ll see some carefree adults getting in touch with their inner-child to join the bouncing festivities. Of course, this is only an option for wedding receptions being hosted outside.



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