Drop These Boring Bridal Shower Traditions For a More Exciting Event

Bridal showers are a classic part of post-engagement merriment – a time to celebrate this exciting moment in your life and usher in the marital future awaiting you and your significant other. But with every traditional event comes a set of unwritten faux-pas. Sometimes, these conventions stick around for good reason. But other times, they’re preventing you from planning your ideal bridal shower. Let’s look at some boring bridal shower traditions you should drop immediately for a more exciting event.


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Open gifts on your own time.

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to sit around and watch you open that mountain of gifts for over an hour. It’s boring for your guest and uncomfortable and awkward for brides-to-be. Instead of taking time away from the festivities, set the presents aside to open on your own time. You won’t interrupt the party’s momentum, and you won’t have to feel rushed when opening the gifts. To show your appreciation to guests, consider sending personalized thank you cards.


Break the women-only code.

Tradition says bridal showers are women-only events, but tradition doesn’t always know best. If your groom-to-be feels strongly about joining in on the fun, don’t let an unwritten rule stop you from planning the best bridal shower for you. And why stop there? Throw brothers, uncles, fathers, and grandfathers into the mix. The more the merrier! Just make sure to cater to both sexes (and all ages) when planning the entertainment.


Forget the wedding-themed activities.

If the idea of wedding-centric games sounds a tad cliche for your bridal shower, break from the tradition with more engaging and exciting activities. Keep things light-hearted, fun, and natural. And don’t put too much pressure on yourself to keep your guests continuously engaged. Trust us – they’ll already be more than happy to see refreshing and unexpected activities at a bridal shower. You could host scavenger hunts, team trivia, Vegas-style games, charades, or even a cocktail-making competition.


Offer more than just wine.

Speaking of cocktails, you don’t have to limit your beverage options to red and white wines. Buy a few different types of liquors, some soda, and a few popular mixers, and let your guests make their favorite cocktails. It’s less work for you and more fun for them! If you want to get really fancy, you could put out some slices of fruit and vegetables to really complete the whole cocktail-bar vibe.


Don’t stay in one place.

Bridal shows aren’t restricted to living rooms and backyard patios. Spread your party planning wings and venture to other destinations for a more exciting and dynamic bridal shower. Head to that local spa you’ve always wanted to try, embrace your creativity at an art class, or let loose at a wine-tasting event. Your guests will have a blast! The possibilities are only as limited as you’re willing to leave them, so get out there and think outside of the box!


Ditch useless party favors.

Most of the party favors handed out at bridal shows are destined for the trash. These parting gifts have become less about the actual “favors” and more about the gesture, leading to some pretty crummy options. Giving your guests something unexpected and actually usable can really show your appreciation. Don’t worry. You don’t have to break the bank to spruce up party favors. Here are some awesome party favor ideas to kickstart the brainstorming process:


  • Personalized, framed polaroid photos
  • Fun, stylized socks
  • Homemade trail mix (or any tasty treat for that matter!)

Don’t try to schedule dessert time.

Serving desserts is a bridal shower tradition that doesn’t get stale with time. But sticking to a strict schedule is a real buzz kill when the party is lively and your guests are having a blast. Instead of trying to fit the event around a specific dessert time, set up a dessert buffet full of all the goodies you were planning to serve. This way, guests can fill up whenever they’re hungry and the night can continue on unimpeded. If you’re serving finger food and snacks, the same rule applies.



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