What Geotag will YOUR wedding have?!

What Geotag will YOUR wedding have?!

(By Sydney Sullivan)

While many will use social media in order to plan their wedding, few will use social media in order to enhance their wedding. Social media is unique today because it adds a new element of fun to events like weddings; and for relatively cheap you can create your own personal touches to big apps like snap chat and watch your wedding have its own filter! Geotagging allows you to create your own personal filters on snap chat for whatever event you are planning. You get to create the filters yourself, add in the location of your venue, and more!

Things to Know

Many sites like TheKnot.com, c|net, and many others, can show you step by step how to set up your Geotag for your wedding, but here are some basics:

  1. You can set up your Geotag online or through the snapchat app. Both are easy, and both allow the same options, however online may be more convenient in regards to payment information and making sure everything is processed correctly.
  2. Everything starts around six dollars for a basic setup and then increases depending on how large of an area you want your geotag to be available, and/or how extensive your filter may be.
  3. Make sure you check everything before you are at your wedding, or have someone else check it. You do not want to be messing with the app or payment process when you are already at the wedding.


Tell Everyone!

The whole point of creating a personalized Geotag is so everyone at your wedding can use it! Make sure everyone knows about your Geotag and is using it throughout the day, or sending the pictures to you so you can relive your big day all over again! Also, if you would like to add anyone at your wedding on snapchat you can simply click ‘Add Nearby’ in the settings menu, and users within your area will pop up for you to add as a friend!


Go Crazy…Personal

The whole point of creating your own Geotag is to make your day stand out, so don’t make your Geotag look like any other filters you see circling around on Instagram. When your guests scroll through they shouldn’t have to ask which filter it is and when they see your Geotag they should think “I should have thought of that!” The Geotags start out cheap for a reason, spoil yourself a little and make sure yours stands out and rings true to you!


Numbers Gal?

Are you interested in the numbers? Lucky for you, you’ll get to see how much your Geotag really got put to use, because the snapchat app will tell you how many times your Geotag was used during the event! This is not only great information to have so you know it was worth the investment, but it is also oh so satisfying.


Why Sweat the Small Stuff?

Geotagging may seem like a small or trivial detail for your wedding, but the best of wedding is all in the details. The hint of small blue flowers in a brides hair, the smell of fresh pine needles throughout the venue, the black edible lace on the wedding cake, these are all the details which make a wedding come together. A Geotag is just another way to tie together the entire day by getting guests involved and being able to see what an amazing time everyone had.