“Kick the Party up a Notch”- 6 unique wedding entertainments

The last thing you want to be worrying about on your big day is entertaining all of your guests. Instead, let them entertain themselves. More than just being the new trend of 2018, unique wedding entertainments are the perfect way to keep guests off your heels on your special day.


Fire Performance

Get the fire hydrant ready it is about to get hot in here! Fire performances aren’t just for wild circus events. Whether they be as soon as you walk in the door or something you get to watch all night, having professional fire dancers or fire throwers can be a fun way to spice up the party with an entertainment which is as much dangerous as it is unique.

“Kick the Party up a Notch”- 6 unique wedding entertainments


Picture Perfect

Having a professional photographer at your wedding is the way to go for capturing those candid moments between you and your significant other. However, sometimes guests can feel a little left out. Keep everyone at your wedding happy with an old school photo booth. Everyone has an iPhone now-a-days and it can get pretty boring taking the same pictures over and over again. Throwing it back to photo booths can get guests excited about a new experience and getting that unique wedding look. Setup a couple around your venue and watch guests be entertained for hours.


Food Trucks

Buffet too messy? Fancy dinner too expensive? Settle for a perfect, and very Portland, food experience by getting food trucks. The Knot.com, a wedding planning app you can easily download on your phone, provides a detailed list of how to prepare for having a food truck at your wedding. Some of the webpage’s advice includes: choosing the look, planning the menu, making drinks and figuring out seating. Food trucks can be a lot of work but the look usually makes up for any extra time put into them. Plus they’re great entertainment for guests!


Dance Lessons

The first dance is a traditional moment almost every bride looks forward to. Some brides will drag their partner to dancing lessons and make sure they can impress all their guests, but others will take their passion of dance to the guests themselves. Hiring a professional to teach dance lessons can really bring the party. Dance floors with no dancing can become awkward, but having dance lessons gives guests the confidence to get up and going. It is also fun for guests to learn something new. An hour dance lesson can fly by in what feels like minutes so this is an entertainment which can get guests occupied and hopefully keep them on the dance floor as well.



While dancing is not for everyone, hopefully laughing and singing is! Having karaoke at the wedding can be a great way to get people involved with the party and hopefully laughing at themselves a little. Just make sure more than one person at a time can play, or setup more than one machine around the venue. Who knows, maybe the next star will be found at your wedding.


Putting the Pieces Together

If fire performances are a little too crazy, this wedding entertainment idea could be the perfect ‘calm yet fun’ activity for your guests. Take a picture of you and your partner, then send it to somewhere like ‘Portrait Puzzles’, which blows up your picture and divides it into puzzle pieces. Do this with several pictures and scatter the portrait pieces on tables at your wedding. Guests can have fun putting your portrait together and can even add a special touch by writing notes on the back of the pieces.