“Pop of Color”

This new trend of 2018 is changing the way people look at color in a wedding. Knowledge of contrast and knowing the color wheel seems like an all too important skill set now! Luckily, it does not take designer skills to learn how to make colors stand out in every area of you wedding.

Pop of Color - Portland Bridal Show

The Dress

For those of you who ‘something blue

’ hidden in your hair somewhere isn’t enough, this trend is for you. Keep your white wedding dress and your long veil, but add this…a pop of color underneath! Having a bottom layer under your dress that is bright blue, pink, red, or any of your favorite colors can be super fun and personally satisfying. It also provides for some pretty cute sitting down pictures with just a peak of whatever color you are choosing to show off!


The Bouquet

Take advantage of that white dress contrast and use it to your advantage! Red, pink, orange, blue, green, use them all! As long as they are bright and all different variations of flowers. Having a bright and diverse bouquet is a great way to draw attention to the detail you put into your wedding as well as the dress itself, which will be made more obvious by the contrast the flowers provide.


The Bridesmaids

Whether all your bridesmaids wear the same color or they go from light to dark in their color scale, bridesmaids can be one of the easiest ways to bring that pop of color into your wedding. Keep yourself simple and everyone else set the mood with pops of red, pink, blue or purple. Whatever color you feel will help you stand out the most. After all, it is all about you today!


The Shoes

Same idea as the dress, but throw it on your feet instead! Adding the pop of color to your favorite pair of heels is a great way to stand out as you are walking down the aisle. It is hard for guests to miss a pair of fiery red heels walking by!


The Details

Details are everything when it comes to a good wedding venue. Using a pop of color is a great way to make the simplest of items stand out. Take silverware for example. Wrap up your spoon, fork, and knife in a classic white napkin; and add that pop of color by tying a tiny colored flower right around the napkin to finish it off! This is a classy and unique look which ties everything together quite well.


The Cake

Keep the white, or try the black! Just make sure the main color of your cake is a basic/neutral color which can draw attention to whatever pop of color you want to stand out. Also, three is a crowd. Keep your cake simple and just pick two colors which really contrast against one another in order to draw the crowd around.


Whether it be the dress, the bouquet, the bridesmaids, or the cake, adding a pop of color can make your wedding stand out among the rest, just like how your dress will stand out against those shoes!