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Join us as a vendor at the premier wedding shows in Oregon.


Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels trying to book couples?

* Are you posting on social media daily?
* Have you tried working with wedding planners to get referrals?
* Are you participating in styles shoots to network with other wedding vendors?
* Do you worry about where the next lead is coming from?
* Are you frustrated every time Meta changes the algorithm?


As a wedding vendor myself in the Oregon wedding industry since 2016 I have done it ALL to try and get more leads and clients for my wedding stationery business.  I felt like I was spinning my wheels with not much to show for it.

A game changer for me was WEDDING SHOWS. Connecting with couples face to face at wedding shows allowed me to TRIPLE the number of weddings I booked in one year!!!  THE ONLY CHANGE I MADE TO MY MARKETING WAS PARTICIPATING IN THREE WEDDING SHOWS!!!

I quickly realized that wedding shows are the most effective way to fill up my calendar.

Take control of your business destiny with wedding shows
No more spinning your wheels with marketing
Escape the
Meta algorithm
WARM leads of couples you have CONNECTED with
Stand out from your competitors by connecting face to face with couples

Do wedding shows work?
I know what you are thinking….. wedding shows don’t work!


I was able to book my calendar at wedding shows so I know wedding shows
work. But you have to do work.  You can’t just show up.  You have to
nurture and connect with couples.  We also do our best to help you succeed.  We are here to answer any questions you may have. 

How many couples attend the Willamette Wedding Show?
We had over 600 couples attend shows across three wedding shows.  And the number keeps increasing every year!

Why should I exhibit at the Willamette Wedding Show?
The Willamette Wedding Show is the largest wedding show in Oregon produced by an Oregon business!!  Many large shows in our area are produced by people who live elsewhere.  As Oregonians, we know the wedding industry here and entice couples to our shows by knowing the couples here and how to serve them best.

Each show offers amenities for you to best
show off your business to couples.  As a wedding vendor myself, I want
you to be able to focus on the couples and not be “nickel and dimed” for
everything so we include as much as we can to help you succeed.

When are the shows?

In addition to our show in Portland on January 18-19, 2025 we have 2 other shows:

September 15, 2024 at Log House Garden in Keizer
February 1, 2025 at the Salem Convention Center

What are other exhibitors saying about the shows?
“I booked a $13,000 order from the Winter show!” ~Petals & Vines (florist)
“The show was great!  I booked 4 couples and it has only been a week since the show!” ~NW Mobile DJ
“I had 25 people set consultation appointments.  In the month since the show I have booked 11 of them!” ~Blue Bonsai Printing (stationery)
“I filled my calendar for 2022 at the Fall show.” ~Events Planned Perfectly
do a lot of wedding shows and overall I was very impressed. The show
itself went great and looked good! Communication around the show was
good, timely and clear. ” ~Photography by Cambrae

What you REALLY WANT TO KNOW…. What are COUPLES saying about the Willamette Wedding Shows?
“Vendors were nice and informative.”
“It was so nice having so many great vendors in one place.”
“Everyone was friendly and the atmosphere was nice.”
“Loved each vendor’s enthusiasm.”

What kind of help of help do you offer to help me succeed?
We are here to help you every step of the way.  We are happy to help brain
storm show specials. We also can give tips as to how to be successful
at shows, including booth design.  We send couples emails throughout the
year to keep our vendors in the front of couples minds while planning
their wedding.  Any question you have we are happy to answer and help
you succeed.

One resource we think you should check out is the

Bridal Show Blueprint
This is a class taught by a WEDDING SHOW GURU who teaches you EXACTLY
how to be successful at wedding shows.  I personally took this class and
it helped me book
TRIPLE the number of weddings in one year!  

You can too!!!
We are suggesting this resource solely to help you be successful.  We do
NOT earn any money by referring you to this program.  Visit to learn more about wedding show success.


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