“Two for the Price of One”

The long train gown is a great look for walking down the aisle, or the runway, but when it comes to the dance floor a bride with a long gown finds herself out of luck. Is buying two dresses for one occasion really necessary though? It’s hard to pick between either looking great on the runway or being comfortable on the dance floor; but this new trend accomplishes both without breaking the budget.


Wedding dresses can cost anywhere from $500-$10,000, depending on how much you are willing to spend, so it is no wonder brides do not want to waste their money on two dresses. However, detachable wedding dresses make it easy to 


go from ceremony to party. A classic detachable dress usually is a cocktail dress with a large skirt wrapped around the waist which can easily come off with buttons or clasps. The same look can also be achieved with a classic mermaid gown which slips on and off at the waist.

“Two for the Price of One”


If cocktail dresses are not really your style you can also keep your dress poufy with a slightly different detachment trick. Layer your dress up, and when the dancing starts to get wild simply shed a few layers. Leave your top layer of poof to twirl and dance around in. Keeping a layered look also gives brides the freedom to take however many layers they would like off their dress and therefor pick their length at will.


Another cost effective way to change your dress up is to have three smaller pieces, one top and two bottom. Piece dresses are extremely trendy for 2017 and they bring more fashion into the wedding day than a normal one piece dress might. Have a long skirt for the ceremony and easily switch into a short skirt for later, all while leaving your top on! Separating a wedding dress into smaller pieces like this also allows for less chaos when it comes to putting the dress on. A large dress seems wonderful until it is time for putting the dress on.   


WeddingDash.com is full of both advantages and disadvantages to trying a two piece dress for your wedding day. Amongst their topics are ‘less fabric, less money’ and other areas of interest which might help to see if a two piece or detachment dress would be good for you.    

Probably the best part of a detachment wedding dress is the fact that you can achieve the look all on your own (talk about not breaking the budget)! Wedding planning can be stressful, and the best way to relieve some of that stress is crafting time, you can even get together with bridesmaids to make your dress. Pinterest has dozens of options for how to create your own wedding attachments and make it look professional.

Overall, a detachment wedding dress is doing nothing but making your life easier on one of the most stressful (but exciting!) days of your life.