Surprising Wedding Hacks to Simplify and Improve Your Special Day

People love finding quick and unique ways to simplify their everyday lives. Whether fixing something with duct tape or finding a second use for a paper towel rolls, these hacks make a major difference with only a minimal amount of investment and effort. While most of these tweaks are aimed at commonplace activities, their reach is truly unlimited. In fact, you can even use a few to improve and simplify aspects of your wedding. Let’s explore some hacks that can make your special day run even smoother.


Use mosquito-repelling perfume.

Even though perfume and mosquito repellent don’t sound like the most compatible substances, this ingenious hack actually works. And no need to worry, you won’t be smelling like Deet on your special day. Rather than a 50/50 mixture, these perfumes simply contain some insect-repellent properties with enough strength to deter pests from hovering around your face. This is a great choice for outdoor ceremonies or tropical destination weddings. 


Break in your shoes before the ceremony.

Every bride understands the frustrating reality of stunning heels: they’re simply not comfortable to wear. From the slippery bottoms to the narrow fronts, fashion always seems to come at a price. Instead of relying on Vaseline and tape, take some time before the wedding to break in your heels. Even a few minutes each day can make a massive difference in terms of comfort. The shoes will conform to the size of your foot, the bottoms will be less likely to slip, and you’ll be more confident in balancing.


Set up a separate email for wedding correspondence.

With your work and personal emails already being inundated with messages, there’s no reason to throw wedding correspondence into the mix. Not only will it cost you more time to sift through the emails, but you also run the risk of allowing something important to slip through the cracks. This could lead to a missed appointment, a failed payment, or other unfortunate mishaps. Avoid all of this hassle by setting up a dedicated email only for wedding communication. It takes seconds to set up and doesn’t cost you a dime.


Use a sponge to seal envelopes.

Licking a few envelopes may be satisfying, but closing a 100+ is just dangerous. Between the invitations, checks, and thank-you cards, you’ll be sending out more letters than you know what to do with. To avoid a dry mouth (at best) and some stinging paper cuts (at worst), simply wet a sponge and dab the inner flap of the letter. Make sure it doesn’t get too wet that it soaks through. You can also use a glue stick if that’s easier for you.


Pack a comfort bag.

Unless you’re dealing with tight time restrictions, your wedding party may run far past its pre-arranged time. Whether you’re extending the reception party or heading out to the local bars, it’s always nice to have some things to help you transition from formal to comfortable. Before the ceremony, put together a big with makeup remover, tennis shoes, warm socks, and a change of clothes. You might not use it, but it’s always nice to have just in case.


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