“Bring the Northwest into your venue”

While Oregon could possibly be one of the most scenically beautiful places to have a wedding, it is not the most reliable when it comes to weather. Having an outdoor wedding can be wonderful, but for those who are not willing to risk the rain, there are still lots of ways to bring the beautiful Pacific Northwest into your venue.


Bring the Trees to You

One of the most notable things about the PNW is its abundance of trees. However, trees do not have to stay outside. Make your wedding feel outdoorsy by having trees in the venue. Whether they be fake or real trees in pots it is up to you. Trees are especially fun with some twinkle lights or even some fake snow for a more winter themed wedding. Whatever your variation may be, trees make it easy to include the Northwest without being forced into the actual cold.

“Bring the Northwest into your venue”


Bouquets filled with colorful flowers and roses galore is the stereotypical wedding look. Try something new with adding greenery into your venue. Whether it’s the bouquet or the décor, greenery is a great way to give the more ‘natural’ look to your venue while also inviting the Northwest right in as well. Let your hubby get involved too by making a greenery corsage for him to wear! Greenery with a mix of colors is also a great way to make the colored flowers really pop!


Switch out the Rice

Instead of rice, throw some (no pun intended) northwest into things by throwing leaves, or dried petals instead. Not only are these objects lighter, but they are more romantic as well. While rice is very traditional, it is always fun to step outside the box and surprise your guests with something new.


Picture Perfect

Set the scene for your wedding by sending out invitations which represent the Northwest. Trees, fields, mountains, or waterfalls, there’s no limit to the amount of amazing photo opportunities the outdoors supplies. Many photographers are more than willing to go out on an adventure with you and simply keep your dress clean by packing it away until picture time. Doing outdoorsy pictures can help your guests know what they should be looking for in your wedding to come!


Take it outside

To the brave who wish to chance the rain and cold, there are no limits to the amount of Northwest which can be in your venue, however, here are some tips! Try and have some sort of structure above your head; whether a glass ceiling you can watch the clouds from or simple tents, it is always better safe than sorry. Make sure your guests are comfortable! Wooden benches or tree trunks can be beautiful but only if they are comfy too. Smooth out the surfaces you want your guests to sit on or even provide a cushion if necessary.


This new trend of greenery is not only simple and elegant, but a great way to represent the beauty of the northwest. Whether it be your home, or just your venue of choice, it is great to be able to tie in such a beautiful location to one of the most beautiful days of your life.