Cute Ways to Include Your Furry Friend in Your Wedding Ceremony

For many brides, it doesn’t feel right leaving a furry companion at home on their wedding day. Fortunately, other than some potential side-eyes from sour guests and an outdated tradition of human-only weddings, there’s nothing holding you back from adding a four-legged friend to the guest list. While Spot would be happy enough sitting in the crowd, it’s more meaningful and memorable to find a way for your pet to participate in the actual ceremony. Here are some tips for seamlessly throwing your hound into the wedding mix.


Help your dog dress up.

Whether you cringe at the sight of dog sweaters or have an entire wardrobe for your furry friend, everyone can agree that all canines should be dressed to the nines when attending a wedding. There are many websites offering dog tuxedos and suits which come in standard sizes to meet the average dimensions of common breeds. If you’re looking for something more bespoke, you could have a tailor make something from scratch. Those strongly opposed to clothing their pets can opt for a cute bowtie collar instead. 


Make room in the wedding ensemble. 

If you’re having trouble choosing a maid of honor or best man, you should consider giving that honor to your pooch. You can avoid the awkwardness of choosing one friend over the other while also enjoying having your pet as an integral part of the ceremony. Like any other member of the wedding ensemble, your dog can walk down the aisle alongside his or her bridesmaid/groomsman counterpart. This also helps to keep your dog from going rogue in the middle of the ceremony.


Organize a special meal.

There’s a good chance your dog won’t appreciate that gluten-free cuisine quite as much as the other guests. Instead of resorting to normal dog food or leaving your pet out altogether, consider preparing something special for your furry friend. It doesn’t have to be too extravagant, just something to let Spot know it’s a special occasion. You might even ask your caterers if they could prepare something special.


Transform your canine into a ring bearer.

If you’re having doubts about your dog’s ability to sit still for an entire ceremony, put that energy to use by enlisting your pooch as a ring bearer. If the thought of entrusting your wedding rings to a canine is too nerve-racking, take some time to practice walking in big crowds before the ceremony. You could even have another guest escort your pet down the aisle for greater piece of mind. It’s advisable to keep the rings in a jewelry box tied to your dog’s collar to prevent any chewing mishaps.


Embrace some dog-themed wedding elements.

Including your furry friend in the wedding ceremony doesn’t only have to be about finding ways for her to participate. You can feel close to your canine and convey this love to your guests by embracing some dog-themed elements into your ceremony. For example, you could label each table with the name of a particular breed. You could also hand out party favors at the end with candy wishbones or other canine-related treats.


Elect a dog sitter for the day.

Even the most well-behaved hounds can cause problems at a wedding when not properly looked after. Designating a guest as dog sitter for the day is a great way to ensure your canine’s needs are met without distracting you from the special event. A few walks throughout the long day should be enough to relieve any pent-up energy and calls of nature. If you’re still worried about your pet making a scene, you could always take her back home in between the ceremony and reception.


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