Don’t Ignore These Popular Wedding Design Trends in 2020

Marriage is a longstanding tradition which has remained intact for hundreds of years. Although the core remains the same, the presentation and delivery undergo unique changes. Each decade brings about new norms and standards which become the status quo. Even smaller transformations happen on a yearly basis as people experiment with making their ceremony unique and memorable. Some of these changes stick while others get thrown out as quickly as they’re adopted. Let’s explore some of the most exciting wedding trends of 2020.


More inclusive food options.

Wave goodbye to the days when wedding menus seemed limited to some form of poultry with a carbohydrate-heavy side. With the number of people identifying as vegetarian and vegan on the rise, caterers have begun to offer more inclusive options for their clients. Even couples who don’t adhere to any dietary restrictions may opt for a more all-encompassing menu out of respect for their guests. In addition, you can expect to see more “free-from” labels denoting some excluded ingredients for allergies.


Wedding gowns that radiate individuality.

2020 is poised to be a transformative year for wedding dresses as designers are anticipating a shift from an adherence to tradition to an embrace of individuality. Today, women have a greater desire to feel like themselves when saying “I do” rather than feeling like just another bride. Don’t worry if you still want to wear the classic white gown, those options still exist. It’s just that more designers will be taking risks by creating unique gowns which will speak strongly to a few rather than appealing moderately to many.


Rise of the self-service bar.

Couples no longer want their receptions to be formal gatherings where people sit in relative silence with limited movement. Mingling between guests is going to be a focal point for weddings in 2020 and open bars are just the ticket. No more frustrating lines to grab your third cocktail (no judgement here). This option can actually end up saving couples some money and is a great way to keep the party active and lively.


Death to cookie-cutter bridesmaids dresses.

The practice of bridesmaids dressing up isn’t going anywhere in 2020, but the unfortunate prom-like options that seem to plague the industry may start to wane in number. Designers are starting to focus on complementary combinations rather than relying on an identical set of dresses. This means varying colors, different necklines, and unique cuts that all blend together in one cohesive collage. Next year may be the best time in history to be a bridesmaid.


Colors that pop.

For a while, it seemed as if wedding colors were restricted to tame shades of pink, yellow, brown, and other moderate hues. These understated colors aren’t going to see much use in 2020 as the industry is seeing an obvious shift in preference to more vivid and eye-catching colors. These bolder tones can really help to set an energetic and exciting atmosphere for the ceremony and reception.


Increased awareness on sustainability.

The green revolution has been changing the way people approach certain traditions and weddings are no exception. Couples are more aware of how their ceremony will impact the environment and are more willing to make modifications than in the past. In 2020, you’ll be sure to see a number of efforts aimed at making weddings more sustainable. For example, couples may opt for local and season flower arrangements instead of expensive bouquets. Plastic-free receptions will also be a trend to watch out for.


Bold hairpieces, headpieces, and veils.

In the past, veils were considered inseparable from the wedding dress itself. It wasn’t until a few decades ago that it was common practice for brides to opt out of this once-standard adornment. With veils now making a comeback due to an explosion in design options, brides can finally combine an elegant tradition with modern style. 2020 will also be a year full of bold hairpieces and headpieces that can help make those unique wedding dresses stand out even more.


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